Dr. Kurt Knechtel - Testimonial 1

All right here we go all right Michelle, so tell us a little bit about before you had the work done. Well before I had the work done, my front teeth, I had got a skating accident, and this tooth was dead, and it was black and then I had crooked teeth, and I hated to smile.  And then, kids being as honest as they are, that’s when they’d always comment ‘what’s happened to your tooth, what’s wrong with your tooth’. And it was always just right there. So you know that kind of always kind of a reminder whether I wanted there or not.

So since you’ve had the dental work done how has it affected your smile?

I smile all the time, but I don’t hide my smile, I don’t you know, I think before when I get my picture taken I do a smile without trying to show my teeth. It’s a lot more comfortable.

And so how was your experience here at our office?

It was wonderful, everybody has been so nice and helpful, and it was pain-free which was wonderful. Awesome! So it was wonderful I had a really good experience. Great. So would you recommend our office to family and friends? Most definitely!

Great – anything else you want to say? No, just on a personal note I know my mom’s really happy, it’s something that she always wished she could have done for me, she was able to do it. So we’re glad that it looks awesome, yeah you’re smiling a lot. Yeah and sometimes I smile so much my let’s start twitching. Thank you

Dr. Kurt Knechtel - Testimonial 2

What didn’t you like about your smile?  I hated everything about my smile, I hated that they were so crowded so crooked yellow, just pretty much everything. Okay tell us how the work that you had done, how it has changed your attitude towards your smile now.  Oh it’s  extremely different. I smile everywhere I go.  I always d but it was with my lips closed, and now I want everybody to see my teeth and everybody compliments on them, they are so white and so straight. they are so perfect, I love them. Great. What did you like about our office?  I love all the staff, they were so awesome and great with me, they are so prompt. I don’t sit in the waiting room for longer than two minutes, and the answer all my questions, they were just really great. Okay would you recommend our office to your family and friends? Almost definitely yes, I would definitely recommend Dr. Knechtel to all, he’s awesome and he may really make it painless so that’s great.

Dr. Kurt Knechtel - Testimonial 3

Tell us a little about your experience. Well I had a couple caps come off and so I called them, and had to do one extraction and take the other two out.  I had a sore mouth but everybody at the office was great about getting me in, sometimes too quick.  But it’s amazing how they can get you so quick, and get you get relief to your very sure mouth. Oh that’s great. So tell us how we how was the staff, how were you treated while you were here. Very professional, very friendly just like a long-lost family. Oh they’re just great, they couldn’t be any better.  Awesome. So would you would you recommend our office team? Oh absolutely,  to anyone, to everybody yes absolutely they’re a great bunch people and do wonderful work. So I’ve got partials. Just whenever you need to come in,  you can get in within an hour usually, so well that’s awesome, means an awful lot. All right give us a big smile, we appreciate it all right

Dr. Kurt Knechtel - Testimonial 4

All right Heather,  so tell us just a little bit about before you have the work done and then what drove you to have it. Well have been coming here for about 10 years, and I think every time I came in Christie would always tell me I should do veneers,  like every single time I saw her she say “ Oh Heather, you really really should think about doing veneers. And like it kind of crossed my mind, but I guess I never really realized like what a big change it would be in my life, and so yeah so I kind of took her advice and I did that before and after camera thing, the photo feel and it was such a big difference that I think as soon as I saw like what my teeth look like and how they could look, I was amazed and I just thought there’s just no question, I think, oh my gosh I have to have to get that done. So since you got it done how is it affecting your smile?

I always needed braces and my mom never had the money to get me braces when I was young, and I always had really crooked teeth, and I always had really sharp canines and you know I’ve always been a smiley person so that never really kept me from smiling. But I didn’t ever realize like in pictures I could see myself and be like, oh my gosh, my view from my teeth are so bad. But since then I’ve gotten so many compliments and people just saying oh my gosh you’ve got the prettiest smile and oh my gosh your teeth are so straight and that’s never ever happened before, so that to me is just like wow, it is a big difference nobody ever noticed my smile. So how was your experience? Of course great, and we’ve been coming here for such a long time, and I mean Christie is like family to me pretty much. Yeah I always had a great experience.  So would you recommend our practice if anybody was considering dentistry?  Oh my gosh absolutely yes. And now that I had it done you know I think this was really like life-changing, and just maybe how you feel about yourself your self confidence you know, I mean you want to smile and there’s a million reasons to smile.  So being able to smile and not hide anything is you know,  that’s life-changing. Well that’s awesome, thank you  – show us your big smile – awesome. Thank you