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Mini implants offer sizeable benefits for patients with missing teeth and bone loss

At Longmont Dental, we are thrilled that you are reading up on dental implants and that you are considering our team for your oral care. Led by Dr. Kurt W. Knechtel, DMD, we strive to be a true “dental home” for patients and their families from Longmont and throughout the Boulder, Colorado, area.  

As it relates to implants, Dr. Knechtel has the advanced training and experience, as well as the onsite technologies, to offer every step of the implants process at our practice. As an genuine “one-stop,” we strive to make each visit as efficient, safe, pleasant, comfortable, and convenient as possible. Since we have so many capabilities “in-house,” there are many treatment offerings within each category of services that patients benefit from; for instance, those individuals who have been told they are not candidates for implants can qualify for the procedure with mini implants.  

The new(er) implant on the block 

Millions of dental patients have replaced their teeth with implants since the 1980s. Over time, new systems, materials, and designs have presented themselves. These innovations represent ways for patients who formerly may have been limited in their treatment options (to conventional bridges and dentures) to enjoy the myriad advantages of replacing teeth built like natural teeth. The mini implant, for instance, is, as its name suggests — a smaller-sized alternative to “standard” implants. Minis are smaller around than traditional implants. They also feature attachments such as a ball and socket, and rubber O-ring. Implants are primarily placed in the jaw and fuse to become a part of the surrounding bone. They are connected to the overlying replacement teeth via such attachments. With everything connected to a solid base in the jaw, the implant functions effectively as a natural tooth root. 

Characteristics such as a smaller diameter allow us to confidently recommend and successfully place and retain mini implants for patients who have suffered bone loss. Adequate bone density and height are essentially a “must” for implants patients. The implant should have a solid foundation, which facilitates optimal stabilization of the crowns, bridges, and dentures retained in the mouth. 

More on candidates for minis 

The longer patients go without teeth, the worse the process of bone loss becomes. Mini implants are also appropriate for patients who are either not good candidates for surgical procedures or who prefer to undergo a more conservative approach to tooth replacement. All it generally takes for Dr. Knechtel to place mini implants is a single appointment and localized anesthesia. Courtesy of this approach, patients can enjoy their new teeth the same day the implant is placed precisely! Other techniques require that bone be taken from one part of the body and “grafted” to the implant site. The bone would have to be built up before the implant is placed. However, bone loss can be so significant that a full-sized implant is not appropriate anyway. Plus, it can take several months for the implant in the augmented jawbone to integrate fully into the surrounding tissue. With mini implants, there is no such wait. There is also minor alteration of natural tissues at the treatment site.  

Patients with mini implants enjoy big rewards! Call (720) 815-4733 to see if you are a candidate for this process or any number of other therapeutic options available at Longmont Dental.

Dental implants

Dental implants are titanium roots, that are replaced with in the jawbone to resemble a tooth or group of teeth. A screw is inserted through the gums and into the jawbone. A porcelain crown is then attached to the screw to become the new tooth or teeth. They can be used to support dental prosthesis including crowns, dentures, and bridges. Today’s treatments are so natural looking, no one will know you had surgery. There’s approximately a 95% success rate for all implants. With modern advances in dentistry, some implants can be restored immediately with life like all porcelain crowns. For more details ask your dentist.