Light-touch, precision laser systems take the fear and anxiety out of dentistry procedures 

At Longmont Dental, we believe that all patients deserve to be treated as valued visitors and as the extensions of our family that they eventually become. It is our privilege to roll out the red carpet for you and your family members. Not only does our practice and team exude warmth, but our dentist, Dr. Kurt W. Knechtel, DMD, has invested in an array of technological advancements. These advanced dentistry tools support our ability to provide the most precise, comfortable, and safe treatment.  

Laser dentistry at our practice in Longmont, Colorado, presents its category of treatment – with many benefits for all sorts of patients. For starters, while dental lasers have improved over time, laser-assisted dentistry is well established in our field. Medical applications for lasers came to prominence in the 1970s, with oral surgeons first embracing such technology in the following decade. Nowadays, dentists like Dr. Knechtel can select from a wide variety of laser systems. Depending on their features and capabilities, soft or hard tissue lasers are handpicked for specific applications and procedures. All lasers, however, are based mainly on the same principles; the laser emits a beam of light. The light generates energy, which in turn interacts with oral tissues.  

Earlier-generation lasers, for example, were designed to cut through and coagulate soft tissues, such as the gums that support your teeth. Systems have since been developed to cut through “hard” tissues (teeth enamel and dentin). We’ve listed just a few of the ways that Dr. Knechtel accurately directs the laser to resolve oral conditions and symptoms:

  • Eradicate bacteria for sterilization 
  • Periodontal therapy to promote healing of diseased gums and healthy reattachment
  • Correct gummy overgrowth 
  • Gingival recontouring 
  • Treat canker and cold sores
  • Prepare for restorative treatments, from fillings to root canals
  • Remove benign (non-cancerous) oral growths

That reflects a partial list, as laser dentistry can even be used to tighten the tissues at the back of the throat responsible for obstructive sleep apnea! Once the tissues are tightened, they no longer block the airway during sleep. Patients sleep soundly and safely through the night, without scary interruptions in breathing.  

Lasers are particularly appropriate for patients with a history of dental fear and anxiety. These patients appreciate that the use of lasers eliminates or minimizes the need for many fear “triggers,” such as the dental drill, cutting tools like scalpels and needles. Much of these benefits revolve around the idea that laser-assisted dentistry is “light touch.” Treatments that do little to alter healthy, natural surrounding tissue are generally better tolerated, less traumatic, resulting in a faster recovery with fewer side effects, and even require little to no anesthetic because they are so gentle! At Longmont Dental, we also like the idea that the lasers target the diseased or damaged tissues so well. In doing so, treatment outcomes are exact. Only the injured area is affected, and the surrounding tissue is preserved. Such precision, light-touch dentistry is also well-suited for young or fidgety patients. The highly targeted nature of this technology means less time in the treatment chair.  

We could go on and on about the virtues of laser dentistry; however, we encourage you to experience these and the benefits of our other state-of-the-art treatments and techniques for yourself—Call (720) 815-4733 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Knechtel.