The CBS "The Doctors" featuring DentalVibe for Pain-Free Injections!

Courtney has trypanophobia, a fear of needles, but she had a cavity she needed to get filled. She said she would rather get “punched in the face than get a shot.” But Courtney does not need to fear anymore. Dr. Bill Dorfman, a cosmetic dentist, said he could use a DentalVibe to help her. The DentalVibe is a handheld device that is designed to reduce the pain and fear of dental injections. It introduces a mild stimulus vibration that tricks the brain. The vibrations reaches the brain before the pain does, making the brain focus on the vibrations and not the pain.

Many of us are aware of the importance of visiting the dentist regularly. However, we may often postpone appointments for fear of finding out some bad news. At Longmont Dental, we realize this is a reality for many patients, but are also happy to inform our patients about the option of DentalVibe. You no longer need to worry about uncomfortable procedures and can finally have an anxiety-free dental experience with DentalVibe.

What is DentalVibe?

DentalVibe is one of the most advanced ways to bring patients comfort in the dentist chair. DentalVibe is typically recommended during procedures where patients require an injection to numb their mouths. DentalVibe is a toothbrush-like device that provides a gentle vibration to the area that requires a dental injection. The vibration overloads the nerve that sends signals of pain to the brain. This helps patients avoid the experience of pain when the injected is administered leading up to the dental procedure. The vibration helps distribute the anesthesia once the injection has been administered. People who experience DentalVibe are often not aware of the injection taking place at all. The device is used on the patient to numb the area without discomfort, allowing the dentist to perform the procedure thereafter.

How DentalVibe Works

DentalVibe was created by Dr. Goldberg who studied the Gate Control Theory of Pain. The theory states that there is a point in your spinal cord that can permit or even block pain signals to your brain. The vibrations will act as a counter-stimulation to create a relaxing environment as if the area was numbed.

First using the DentalVibe on the area, and then applying the injection to help prevent patients from feeling the potentially painful injection.

Many have found calmness when using DentalVibe, by helping aid their anxiety or pain. Even children can use DentalVibe to help ease their nerves. The product does not appear scary and can often look like an electronic toothbrush they have at home.

Does DentalVibe sound like something you may be interested in? If you feel anxiety about visiting the dentist or about an upcoming procedure with your Longmont dental clinic, consider talking with your doctor about DentalVibe and other relaxation options.