Let your healthiest, most vibrant smile shine with professional LumiSmile® take-home whitening

A luminous smile reflects robust health. In partnership with patients at Longmont Dental, we keep their teeth and gums healthy, further supporting a beautiful smile. After all, routine professional cleanings at our practice in Longmont, Colorado, not only lift bacteria and plaque. But they also remove surface stains that can build up and yellow teeth over time. For patients with persistent, intrinsic stains or discoloration, Dr. Kurt W. Knechtel, DMD may recommend LumiSmile®. This take-home whitening kit by DenMat is available to dental professionals like Dr. Knechtel. 

Once Dr. Knechtel assures that your teeth and gums are healthy, he prescribes a specific concentration of the potent whitening gel. As with other professional products, LumiSmile’s whitening gel is formulated with clinically-proven ingredients, and the ingredients are sufficiently concentrated to make a noticeable difference in the color of your teeth.  

Highly customized treatment for one-of-a-kind smiles 

Professional whitening products are not only effective; they are also safe and comfortable due, again, to how Dr. Knechtel and other qualified dentists can customize every aspect of the process to your unique needs and personal characteristics. Some patients with a history of tooth sensitivity, or concerns over discomfort rooted in the whitening gel, may benefit from a less concentrated (yet still powerful) version of the gel.  

At Longmont Dental, we also provide detailed instructions on how patients can whiten their teeth with LumiSmile®. As a take-home kit, patients place the gel within whitening trays that are custom designed. You, as a patient, would then slip the trays into your mouth. Generally, the higher the concentration of the gel, the less amount of time that the trays would stay in your mouth and deliver the active ingredients to the teeth. For instance, patients might wear a 16% formulation for four to eight hours each day. And they would discontinue treatment after around 14 days or whenever the desired results are obtained.  

Alternatively, the 32% formulation might be used for whitening for just 10 to 15 minutes each day, up to two times daily. Again, patients with this gel would wear the trays for up to 14 days, or until they like the color of their teeth staring back at them when they look in a mirror and smile.  

We’re convinced that you will love your smile! As one of the newest professional take-home whitening kits on the market today, LumiSmile® is often dubbed as a way to get chairside power whitening from the comfort and convenience of home. So, you enjoy the best of both worlds – a many shades whiter smile, safely and gently, and without the sensitivity that might be associated with earlier-generation power whitening options at the dentist’s office.  

Your luminous, youthful, and healthy smile awaits at Longmont Dental. Call (720) 815-4733. We can explore your cosmetic or restorative treatment options and discuss ways to keep your teeth looking their healthy, brilliant best.