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Apr 09

Although there’s no tooth restoration equal to natural teeth, implants are the next best thing! Implants are just as secure, stable, functional, and attractive as natural teeth. Whether you’re missing […]

Apr 09

Despite the significant advancements in modern dentistry, tooth decay remains a major issue among teenagers and adults. Severe tooth decay can lead to loss of permanent teeth. Root canals offer […]

Jan 31

Longmont Dental in Longmont, Colorado, blends a warm and inviting environment with advanced technologies to eliminate treatments that evoke dental fear and anxiety. Triggers like dental smells, sounds, and sights […]

Jan 31

Smiling is contagious, and we all know how a beautiful smile can make a difference in ourselves and the people around us. Unfortunately, you may not feel confident to flaunt […]

Dec 27

Your teeth are constantly being used over the years. Even with diligent dental care, they will suffer wear and tear during your lifetime. You may even lose teeth in your […]

Aug 04

Longmont Dental in Longmont, Colorado, is proud to use the most innovative dental equipment and technologies to provide you with quick, precise, and comfortable dentistry. Laser-assisted dentistry is one of the most revolutionary […]

May 03

Are you worried you will lose your infected tooth? Not so fast. Root canals by Dr. Kurt Knechtel, dentist of Longmont Dental, Longmont, Colorado, can save and preserve your natural […]

Oct 25

Have you wondered about the best way to keep your dentures clean? Dr. Kurt Knechtel and his team in Longmont, Colorado, have some tips for cleaning your dentures. Treating your […]

Oct 25

Let’s face it. For many of us, our pearly whites have taken a beating over the years and have now become more of a faint yellow. Even among those who […]

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