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Root Canals

Is fear or anxiety keeping you from getting the dental treatment you need?

Root canals can be comfortable and anxiety-free!

A root canal is often used to treat tooth infections or serious cases of cavities as it helps clean the tooth root and prevents the tissues of surrounding teeth from developing additional infection.

When the nerve of a tooth (also known as a pulp) is hurt or damaged it can break into multiple pieces, creating a perfect destination for microorganisms or germs.

Infection and abscess (puss) can form and ultimately, if a root canal isn’t performed, the teeth and the surrounding gums can get severely irritated. It’s also possible for the swelling to spread out to the face and neck- so this infection not only harms your dental wellness, however your overall wellness.

Dr. Knechtel believes a root canal is absolutely nothing to worry about, but is something you should definitely consider when the situation calls for it.

Some signs and symptoms that you might need a root canal include:

  • Darkening or discoloration of the tooth
  • Extreme pain in a particular tooth when you apply pressure or chew
  • Severe sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • An inflammation and puffiness of the gums surrounding the tooth

During the root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp of the tooth are eliminated and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. The procedure removes the parts of the tooth that are contaminated, and it decontaminates and irrigates the tooth’s canals. A special solution (salt hypochlorite) and water is utilized to irrigate the tooth to clean away any infection or remaining debris that could cause future problems.

Because the pulp or the nerve of the tooth is eliminated during the root canal, the result is a tooth that is hollow. An antibiotic is also typically loaded into the now hollow tooth to ensure that any potentially harmful micro-organisms aren’t able to inflict anymore damage.

Finally, the tooth is sealed and protected with a special dental cement. The resulting tooth is then able to continue performing its normal functions during eating, speaking and other activities.

A full root canal procedure is often carried out in one day and Dr Knechtel has helped many patients receive the relief that comes from root canal therapy.

Why so many people in Longmont trust Dr. Knechtel for root canals:

  • Painless Dental
  • Our Longmont office offers sedation services-your root canal can be a painless, anxiety-free experience. Don’t let fear and anxiety stand in the way of your dental health (and a beautiful smile!).
  • Caring Team, Comfortable Office
  • Root canal treatment can be stressful, which is why our office strives to provide a calming, luxurious environment for our patients. Our friendly staff will work you and your schedule. We also offer massage chairs, soothing tea, and soft pillows to keep you comfortable during treatment.
  • Experience You Can Trust
  • Dr. Knechtel and our team have been treating patients and performing root canals for 15 years. With our years of experience we can help you achieve a healthy beautiful smile-in no time.

Contact us for more information about Root Canal Treatment.


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