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Lumineers Veneers

Are crooked, stained, or uneven teeth keeping you from smiling with confidence?

Lumineers® are the noninvasive option that can put a smile back on your face-in just 2 visits!

What are Lumineers®?

Longmont Lumineers Logo

Lumineers® are the innovative alternative to traditional veneers. Made of an ultra-thin, translucent layer of porcelain, Lumineers® are bonded directly to your tooth structure using dental adhesive. This treatment is minimally invasive-because Lumineers® are attached directly to your teeth, they adhere without the need for grinding or filing away healthy tooth structure. Because they are made of strong porcelain they are optimally designed to be unobtrusively thin while remaining resistant to cracks and chips. Lumineers® are specifically designed to be strong and hard-wearing, without debonding or popping off.

Lumineers VeneersLumineers Veneers
With custom-fit Lumineers®, your teeth can appear whatever shade or shape you desire. Using Lumineers®, we can transform your teeth to create a bright, permanently white smile. We will craft your Lumineers® to complement your face shape, coloring, and unique smile. Lumineers® are completely reversible. Your natural teeth are still intact and strong.

Lumineers Longmont COWhat is the treatment process like?

This is a quick and painless option for people looking to improve their smiles.  You can have a dazzling white Lumineers® smile in only 2 visits.  Lumineers® don’t require painful shots, drilling, or awkward temporaries.  There is no “recovery period” after the placement of Lumineers®-some patients may experience sensitivity to very hot or very cold foods, but for the most part you can return to living your life immediately. The only difference is that you’ll be proud to show off your beautiful new smile!

Why so many patients choose Dr. Knechtel in Longmont, CO for Lumineers®:

  • Customized Treatment
    Dr. Knechtel has years of experience transforming smiles with Lumineers®, so he’ll make sure that your Lumineers® complement your face shape, tooth color, and skin tone.  Using LUMISmile technology we will create a complimentary digital mock up of your Lumineers® smile, so you can see what you will look like after treatment. We can also work around your existing dental work, ensuring comprehensive thorough care.
  • Just Two Visits
    With Lumineers® Dr. Knechtel can transform your smile in just two visits, saving you time and money. You won’t have to worry about wearing awkward temporary crowns for months while you wait for your new smile to be ready. You can have a healthy, permanently white smile in just two easy dentist visits.
  • Safe, Conservative Solutions
    Lumineers® are placed directly over your existing teeth-often times they require no drilling, shots, or filing down of healthy tooth structure, unlike traditional veneers. At Longmont Dental we can give you a straight and white Lumineers® smile while maintaining the health and integrity of your teeth.

Perfect Your Smile, No Matter What the Problem

Lumineers® are so versatile; they can help you achieve a stunning smile no matter what your dental concern.
Lumineers® are ideal for:

  • Patients who want to permanently whiten stained or discolored teeth.
  • Patients who are looking to revitalize worn down, ageing teeth.
  • Patients of many ages who have cracked and chipped teeth.
  • Patients with uneven smiles, or gaps and spaces between their teeth.


Longmont Dental LumiSmile

Our dental team is always searching for new ways to help our patients feel comfortable and confident about Lumineers® treatment. The latest breakthrough in Lumineers® technology is LUMISmile. Using LUMISmile, we can show you how stunning your Lumineers® smile can be before we even begin treatment.

The process is quick, easy, and painless:

  1. Our dental team takes a digital photo of your current smile.
  2. We then send your photo to a professional LUMISmile artist, who digitally applies Lumineers® to your teeth.
  3. Within 20 minutes, we receive an email of your photo complete with your new Lumineers® smile.
  4. Then during your consultation we can discuss your LUMISmile results and talk about how Lumineers® treatment can benefit you.
  5. You leave our office with an accurate, detailed depiction of your potential Lumineers® smile!

With LUMISmile you can see the future-no surprises, no guesswork.  See your potential Lumineers® smile beforehand, show it to your family and friends, and realize how beautiful your smile can truly be!

Contact us for more information about Lumineers Veneers.


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