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Snap-On Smile

Are you looking for a noninvasive, affordable way to instantly transform your smile?

Snap-On Smile® is the easy, natural-looking solution to your dental woes!

What is Snap-On Smile®?

Longmont Snap-On-Smile RestorationSnap-On Smile® is an easy to use, completely removable appliance that fits over your existing teeth to give you a stunning smile—even if you have unsightly stains, chips, gaps, or missing teeth. Snap-On Smile® fits right over your existing teeth; it doesn’t require drilling, uncomfortable shots, or unsightly orthodontics—simply snap the appliance in place and go!

Snap-On Smile® is made of a durable and natural-looking crystallized acetyl resin. Our dental team will simply take an impression of your existing teeth, and in about two to three weeks you can enjoy the flawless, customized smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Snap-On Smile® looks like a natural, beautiful smile, and you can eat with it, drink with it, and wear it all day long. Because Snap-On Smile® is completely removable; you can still easily take it out to brush and floss normally. Snap-On Smile® is an affordable way to get a stunning smile, and with proper maintenance it can last from 2 to 5 years.

Why so many Longmont patients choose Dr. Knechtel and Snap-On Smile®:

  • Affordable Option
    Snap-On Smile® is a fraction of the price of other cosmetic options like veneers, crowns and bridges, and traditional orthodontics. It is the most affordable alternative to traditional smile make-over solutions—get the movie star smile without the Hollywood price tag!
  • Painless Procedure, Perfect Smile
    With Snap-On Smile® you can get the smile of your dreams without the nightmare of shots, drilling, and painful dental treatments. Our dental team will simply make a mold of your existing teeth and within two to three weeks you can enjoy your new smile!
  • Overcome Multiple Cosmetic Problems at Once! Snap-On Smile® can fix multiple cosmetic problems in the blink of an eye! You can have a dazzling smile no matter what your dental concern. Snap-On Smile® is ideal for:
    • Patients who want a whiter smile.
    • Patients who are looking for younger, fresher looking teeth.
    • Patients who have cracked or chipped teeth.
    • Patients with uneven smiles, or gaps and spaces between their teeth.

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